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ART: Universe Unbound

Challenge: j2_reversebang

Fic: Universe Unbound
Author: firesign10
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: J2
Summary: Jensen's life is limited by his dreams and hallucinations, Nothing seems real—except for Jared. Because of that, some might think that Jared is taking a risk by seeing Jensen. But when Jensen sees the Dolphin Fountain, that's when the real risk kick in.

My ramblings: Thanks to my fabulous author for coming up with such a cool story idea, and being so great at getting her side of things done so quickly so I could get a headstart--LOLOL, yeah, that last thing didn't happen. SHE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS. *weeps* *rips out heart and throws it at her* Go check out the fic and tell her how awesome she is!

Thanks also to the mods for giving us all another fun challenge to play in! <3

The prompt:

Tags: category: art, challenge: j2_reversebang, fandom: supernatural rpf, pairing: j2
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